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Almost 2 weeks left

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by , 05-21-2008 at 06:38 PM (851 Views)
I woke up to a knock at the door and then heard to big thunks. It ended up being Dans boxes he sent me. One is filled with his uniforms and the other is filled with DVD's and his reenlistment presents.I thought the gift was pretty cool. It was a travel coffee cup, thermostat to keep some of it warm, a flag, and a key chain with a light. On all of them it has the patch design and said "To the objective 4-2 sbct" He told me I could use them but I dont think I will. I thought it was kind of weird they gave him those things when he didnt even reenlist to stay in this brigade.Yes its a possibility he could end up back here after he trains for his new job but who knows.

Today is laundry day for me. I washed my quilt my nephew destroyed with cheesy doritos.I was hanging up my clothes on Monday and I knew he was messing with the doritos back but I didnt know he opened it and when I turned around he had 2 chips in his hand and lots all over the bed and ofcourse he had mushy ones coming out of his mouth. When he gets into things he seriously gets into things.It was funny though.

I think I am going to make Dan a welcome back sign.Since I am not going to his homecoming I will just make it and when I see him bust out with the sign right infront of him so he can be all embarrassed.But I dont know I might have him come to my house and I can post it in the front.

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