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by , 02-05-2009 at 06:19 AM (1043 Views)
I havent been up to a whole lot really. We decided on just a wedding reception and no wedding. There just wont be enough time for it. I got my dress which I really love but its way too long so I have to get it altered. We picked the reception venue and I am so excited about that. Thats one more thing I dont have to worry about. Oh yeah and this is all happening in May! So soon!!! We are PCSing to Germany this summer.

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  1. navy_ufe29412's Avatar
    congrats! girl i no what it feels like to only have a wedding reception. i'm not even gonna have that. courthouse wedding for me. lol. but i don't mind. it's happening in March. Germany? that sounds fun! i get stuck with GA. lol good luck!