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by , 07-10-2012 at 08:57 AM (1243 Views)
I dont know why i'm in such a good mood. especially since the women in my FB group just bashed the ish outta me. and i was invited to the group because no one there were "catty bitches" but apparently they are

The admin was really nice.
But i'm in a good mood probably because my DB will be home in a matter of XX amount of weeks. And well I feel closer to him than i have before. Ive felt more happy with him since february. idk why. He professes his love for me more...some guys take time to say the big "i love you" i'm glad i waited....

I remember when we almost broke up. He was so lonely without me there with him that he thought he couldnt do it anymore. I could tell it was eating him up. he'd been crying all day about it. I asked him if he could see us never talking ever again. and he got choked up. We worked it out and it made us really strong actually. for a while i was really hurt that was something he wanted to do, but i understood why. Im lonely. I'm so lonely i cry myself to sleep sometimes.

He cares deeply for me. always had. i remember our first time meeting. he saw a bum on the street and locked the car door on my side. lol it was sweet of him.

At one point after he came home from his first deployment i told him i wanted to marry him and he said he never wanted to get married. It made me really sad. we both went to Dallas, TX his treat to a convention and i professed my undying love and want to to be married to him and he couldnt stop blushing. A week later he was very happy with the thought of me wanting to marry him, but then idk he got sick of the long distance and being alone all the time and maybe that changed his mind because he went back to never wanting to get married. But 9months later. i feel like that has changed. he changes his mind a lot. but that is just how he is. Im pretty sure the idea of marriage will sound good to him because we're moving in together in December. hes already told me he wants 2 kids. and told me he loves me, yknow i think i got this one in the bag ladies. its just a matter of when.

So yeah i'm in a good mood. I may be engaged soon. Who knows. Ill let you know when it happens.

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  1. chrissyxo's Avatar
    wait what group were you in on fb? i was on group as well it was honestly just annoying winy bitches! lol
  2. Joychaos's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by chrissyxo
    wait what group were you in on fb? i was on group as well it was honestly just annoying winy bitches! lol
    sorry it took me so long to reply. It was a mssn group (military spouse support network) or something like that