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At The End

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by , 08-24-2009 at 07:26 PM (1003 Views)
I seriously just give up. I have no friends. No one to talk to ever. My husband might manage to call me every 2 to 3 weeks. Bailey whines all the time. Nothing I do ever makes her happy. I am sick of being alone in the world. I need someone. A shoulder to cry on. A buddy to have coffee with. Just someone. I want to know that I matter to someone. That someone cares about me.

Instead all I get is this crushing feeling of lonliness. All the time.

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  1. stacylee18's Avatar
    I'm so sorry hun. Are you stationed somewhere new while your husband is deployed?
  2. Angel_Eyes's Avatar
    Sounds like you really could use a friend. Its hard to go day to day not feeling the love you need to feel when your husband is deployed. Im sure he's thinking of you every chance he gets so try to use that to comfort you. Definitely try to get outta the house and take a deep breath.