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Just another deployment

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by , 10-25-2009 at 09:05 PM (693 Views)
While I have not posted a blog in a while, I feel like its the best way to just get this off my chest.

Deployments suck, we all know what. Whether you are in one now or you have been through them, it's just a fact of this life. I feel though as if each person's situation is different. Mine is only unique in that I m lonely for a reason that is not deployment related. DH and I have not had any children, and theres nothing saying I should have them right now - but I just feel as if everyone I talk to about my current emotional state either says something to the effect of "Wow, I really wonder what you do with your time...." or "It's only you, what are you complaining about" (im serious...someone actually said that to me...)

I dont really know how to react to this. I have my job, my animals and my friends and family to keep me occupied....but I can still be sad. I can still be sad about my husband being gone. I still have things to keep my occupied. I have a life! I have things to keep me busy - while they may be no child related, or stilling at home with a good movie or book, I am still keeping busy.

I dont want people to feel sorry for me...and neither do I want people to think I should just be okay because I only have to take care of myself....Just stop with your opinions about my life. If you want to be supportive, then be supportive. If not, just leave me alone..... :carryon

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