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Back on Track!!

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by , 01-31-2009 at 12:06 PM (656 Views)
Ok....I'm back!!!

Everyone is back to being healthy and happy!

I haven't exercised this week. I did good with NOT eating, but now there is NOTHING in the house to eat since we were sick and the crappy weather. I have to give props to myself yesterday. I had three pieces of chocolate and stopped indulgaging!

The kids had pizza and I didn't have any of that either.

I stuck to eating very bland foods and even risked a salad to see how my stomach would react. It was good.

I did have some sprite while I was sick for one evening. That's what my mom gave us when we were sick. The kids ended up drinking most of it. So, that was a good thing.

I have concluded that I will keep thinking tempting in the house. Not even the kids get 'treats' kept in the house anymore. They have candy, they eat it that day and have done with it. It's helped SOO much with getting the munchs, and there being NOTHING to munch but good healthy veggies and fruit. hahaha

So. I'm VERY sorry for letting my partner down for this past week and missing a weight in last week. I'm back on the ball!

Though I am STILL waiting for my shredder dvd! I'm just going to have refund my money. This is stupid! I think I was scammed!! I have NEVER had this type of crap service from ANYONE connected to amazon.

Going shopping today and will pick up the Jillian Micheal's dvd then.

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