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Cleansing day

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by , 01-17-2009 at 08:57 PM (988 Views)
I started my body cleansing today. So far, so good! hehe

I again got to talk to Patrick.

He's talking about all this stuff he wants to buy, and then in the next breath telling me how we need to need to cut back on expensive packaged food since he'll be getting half his pay once he's no longer deployed. So, I told him once he's back I can get a job at night to suppliment. Then he gets mad about not spending time together. I told him I either get a job, or we go back to fighting about not having enough money for HIS packaged GNC crap. It was not a good conversation. He has this long list he wants of things he wants to buy when he gets back!! ser

Half the stuff he wants we won't ever use. I tried to caution him of having all these grandious plans and how he always have these wonderful ideals that he never does. I tried to caution him to be realistic. He started complaining for buying Joshua pre-packaged health food items that were wheat/glutten free products. Saying we couldn't afford them....but we can afford nearly a $1000 set of tools he'll never fucking use?!?! He has some now sitting in the garage that I had to beg and berate him to use just to smooth and nail train tracks to a piece of wood for the little boys to use!!! \

Then he says that we need to eat different foods. I told him we are. That children can't just be thrown into a completely different diet then what they are use to. They will simply stop eating. Period. We have to ease into it. I am transforming our diets into healthy ones. Hopefully by the time he gets back we'll have completed it.

He got mad at me for purchasing prepackaged kid yogurt rather then just getting the plain and adding fruit to it. Which is a GREAT idea and one I'll happily do! I just didn't think of it and I figured yogurt is a better snack then granola that is as fattening and has as much sugar as candy.

He just simply isn't being realistic.

He does this. Buy all this crap and NEVER uses it. The reality will sink in a couple of weeks after he gets home. I wasn't happy talking to him. It wasn't a good converstation. He wants to buy a wok (the best, most expensive of course) for one friggen dish he wants to make!!!! Hello!?!? You tell me in message we are gonna have to cut corners and yet in the next you want to spend part of that limited budget on crap I PROMISE you you will never use?!?! Give me a damn break!!!

This is him though. Sadly. This mentality hasn't changed. He simply has no idea how much eating 'healthy' costs. I spent over 300 dollars this pay day and the only 'junk' food I bought was corn chips for the kids to have with lunchs on the weekend. The rest was healthy. I didn't buy pastas, sauces, hamburger helper, mac N cheese. I didn't buy 'packaged' snacks. I didn't buy boxed juices. So, he's going to have a RUDE awakening when he gets home. I'm sending HIM out to buy groceries and see what HE comes back with.

I asked if we could buy a mixer (to make the homemade fruit and yogurt he suggested), and a hot air popper since we eat a lot of popcorn and it'd be FAR cheaper to pop it ourselves then buy the microwave kind.

I am back to drinking my grapefruit. I LOVE it. It's non-sweetened and some people can't handle the taste. It IS aquired and I aquired it when I went on a pure protein and veggie diet when I was pregnant with Stephan. 70lbs I lost on it. It was GREAT!! 14 days on the protien veggies and then two days off with carbs (not going over board). I'm doing a motified version now. Having my morning tea and yogurt and then having my protein and veggies with my grapefruit juice. I would LOVE to find reg grapefruit, but seems all they sell now a days is the pink. Hmmmm....might pick up some of those. They would be healthy and a great snack food. Think I'll do that Tues.

I'm making a dr.s appointment too. I need help with not sleeping and always being moody and bitchy. Yelling and getting angry so easily. I'm tired of it. Something must be able to be done.

I've been taking the evening primrose, but so far. I'm soo angry!! UGH!!

2 servings stuffed chicken breast
1 glass grapefruit juice

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