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weight loss

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by , 01-10-2009 at 07:22 PM (777 Views)
OK so this time I mean it. I am 272 lbs and its out of control. My PCP even suggested gastric bypass surgery. I am totally thinking of doing it. Today I took my ten month old to seaworld and I barely made it. By the time we got back to the car my hips and back were killing me. But I am making myself do atleast one active thing a day. Mostly walking. I would kill for a better stroller. A bob jogging stroller would be great. Or even a jeep one. Oh well. I will just make due with what I have for now.
OK so 272, and at 260 I can get my eyebrows waxed, and boy do they need it!!!

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  1. ArmyGirlfriend08's Avatar
    I am right there with you on that one! I decided that while DB is gone, I am going to lose weight. I want him to come home to a new woman! It's gonna be hard, but oh so worth it. Plus, then I can buy a really sexy outfit for his homecoming
  2. SuziGraham's Avatar
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    Yeah for you sweety!

    We are SOO gonna do this!! NOTHING gonna stop us now!!

    I'm totally here for you and I'll pull you on those days that are just too hard or you feeling lazy!
  3. nikkilynn's Avatar
    Abbie you can do it I have all faith in you

    P.S you will get my Jeep back as soon as I find a stroller on CL PROMISE!!
  4. abbienikol's Avatar
    lol nikki its fine take your time babe, I think its kind of a badge of honor that i used my stroller so much that it squeaks lol. I just turn my IPOD up and trot down the path THank you though. Hows the jogging going?