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He's leaving for Christmas!

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by , 12-17-2008 at 07:05 PM (1417 Views)
And now I'm mad! [To sum it all up really quick, DB EASed last June. Was recalled from IRR to AD. Joined Active Reserves to get out of it - got orders anyway. Still going to do AR for bonus and extra monthly cash in the meantime. Leaves for MOS school in ~2 weeks. Gone for two months. Home for two months. Returns to AD for a year, with 7 month deployment.]

He was going to spend Christmas with his twin in TX. They've been talking about it for over a month. Understandable, he wants to spend Christmas with family since he's deploying, and I'm going north to visit family I haven't seen in 5+ years. Well yesterday he just up and changed his mind and bought a ticket home to Maine for Christmas! Not only is he gone for Christmas, he's gone for New Year's Eve and Day, and gets back the day before he leaves again for MOS school. My parents are here visiting, and he's sleeping in "his" room on the air mattress, since my parents apparently don't feel comfortable with us sleeping together in our own apartment.

He was taking me to work yesterday, and some country song came on the radio about sleeping together, or crawling in bed with someone... something along those lines, and it hit him that he doesn't get to snuggle with me at all for the next two and a half months. And then he was upset about it! I told him not to stay with his parents for that long, and to come back earlier. Oh, he makes me so mad. Think things through! I understand you want to see your parents while you still have four functioning limbs, but think of your poor girlfriend at home alone.

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  1. Loved&Loving's Avatar
    AW sweetie, im so sorry.
    to all the ladies celebrating the holidays without their other half.
  2. SemperGumby's Avatar
    im sorry to say it hun, but welcome to the military. i know your prolly not new to it, butthings are hard to plan out with everything he is going through. its not all his fault, i mean you cant get mad at him for wanting to see his family. yes it sucks that he wont be with you for a while, but you will get through it. My man has not been home for the past 3 christmas.(thankfuly he is this year) but getting mad at him(especialy before he goes to school for a while) doesnt help anything.
  3. ArmyGirlfriend08's Avatar
    Im sorry that he won't be home for Christmas, but I am in the same situation. My bf won't be with me either for christmas or new year's. He is going to see his family in California for the holidays before deploying in January. I am not angry at him for it, just a little upset that we cant spend our 1st christmas together.