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Cutting Me Open

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by , 10-24-2008 at 05:27 PM (347 Views)
This is what I do when I'm hurting, deep in thought, or really missing him. I write my feelings. Enjoy.

Cut me open and I bleed red, white and blue
Cut me open and my heart bleeds for you
I致e longed for this feeling that comes so true
The man I致e wanted so long is you

Strong, confident, and loving you are
Trustworthy, resilient, reliable by far
I知 so proud to say you are mine
To wait for you until the end of time

Comforted when you hold me tight
Feeling beautiful when I知 in your sight
Making me laugh is one of your perks
Dealing with all my annoying quirks

I知 a lucky girl to have you in my life
To go to sleep dreaming of you every night
Dreams of us, lying on the beach
Waiting for the day, you値l be in my reach

So tonight I値l sleep with thoughts of you
Hoping you are having dreams too
Fight your hardest and come back to me
I値l be here waiting until you are freed

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