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Thread: Wedding Advice

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    Wedding Advice

    So we’re planning a wedding (over a year away) it’ll be a real wedding but small - 40 ppl family & close friends. We already have a venue, caterer, photographer, save the dates etc. We were talking about budgets (both our normal budget and wedding budget) and he’s like “we could get married in Jan at the courthouse & just do the big wedding in August it’ll save thousands on insurance” and while it could probably pay for the wedding with how much we’ll save and rational budget minded me wants to jump at that I feel like it’ll take something away from the wedding day if we’re not legally getting married then?? So my initial reaction is no. I just don’t want it to make the wedding day less special

    Thoughts? Has anyone done a courthouse wedding then a ceremony & reception with family/friends later??
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    Tons of people do that for all kinds of reasons, but it’s up to your own feelings about it. If your first feeling is that it’ll take away from your actual wedding day, don’t do it.
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    We got married at the courthouse in October 2012 and then our wedding was in December 2012. It made sense for us for a lot of reasons, but we didn't get married at the courthouse to save money. It more had to do with family drama.

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