So who's seen this memo circulating around? It was put out on 20 Sept and the email that I got with it said to "ensure widest dissemination of the memo", so I figured it's good to go.

MEMORANDUM FOR DOD SECURITY DIRECTORS SUBJECT: Official DoD Guidance Concerning the Book, "No Easy Day"On September 4, 2012, the Assistant Secretary Defense for Public Affairs noted that the Department believes the recently published book, "No Easy Day" (NED) contains classified and sensitive unclassified information. As has been reported in the press, the author did not submit this book for the pre-publication review that is required by the non-disclosure agreements he signed.
In response to requests for guidance and to reinforce individual obligations to protect classified national security information and sensitive unclassified information, the following guidance concerning NED is provided. DoD personnel:
• are free to purchase NED ;
• are not required to store NED in containers or areas approved for the storage of
classified information, unless classified statements in the book have been identified;
• shall not discuss potentially classified and sensitive unclassified information with persons who do not have an official need to know and an appropriate security clearance ;
• who possess either firsthand knowledge of, or suspect information within NED to be classified or sensitive, shall not publically speculate or discuss potentially classified or sensitive unclassified information outside official U.S. Government channels (e.g., Chain-of-Command, Public Affairs, Security, etc.);
• are prohibited from using unclassified government computer systems to discuss potentially classified or sensitive contents ofNED, and must not engage in online discussions via social networking or media sites regarding potentially classified or sensitive unclassified information that may be contained in NED.
DoD personnel should refer any media inquiries to their local Public Affairs Office. The points of contact are ...
I cut off the personal contact information for folks at the end, but yeah. It's pretty crappy that it's been determined that the book DID in fact contain classified information. Makes me dislike the author even more