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Thread: Taylor Morris USN EOD

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    Taylor Morris USN EOD

    It touched me and I wanted to share.

    Chivers, this is the story of Taylor Morris (22 Photos) : theCHIVE

    Some might find the pictures graphic. He lost all four of his limbs but everything is bandaged up. Hospital pictures are in this post. Some people can't see that kind of stuff, so I just wanted to warn you.

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  2. He's home :)
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    He's home :)
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    My husband is EOD, and this one of my biggest fears. Very touching!
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    What an awesome man.

    (makes me proud to say that I lived in his hometown for the better part of my childhood.)
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    I read his friend's blog (from which the photos were taken from) and I thought it was very well written and touching. Do you know my friend Taylor Morris? – BLOG | Tim Dodd Photography
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    Anchored posted a link to the pictures a few days ago, but there wasn't a story to go with it. That story was remarkable, what a hero. I can't imagine going through that and then having my first thoughts to be someone else's safety. I don't think I'd even be able to really think. Thanks for giving me a good cry early in the day! I think I found my yoga intention for the day.

    And I really hope that the money raised was enough for their cabin.

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