my daughters valance is not big enough to go across the whole window so i'm looking to put two short valances on each side. they each need to only be a foot long and can be any solid color/pattern so long as they look cute with the current valance i have now. i'm not picky. i got a sewing machine for xmas but i'm not that good yet to where i can make it for myself. it can be solid pink(since there's a pink sqiggly stripe) or the solid off white color or something. i really don't care i just want it to look cute in the window. anyway here's the valance i got now.

here's the link which has the measurements Jill McDonald Lullabye Breeze Window Valance - 21905l

(from the website)

and here's my pictures of it

and here's where the curtain rod goes so i need them to be like my current one where i can put the same rod through them

if anyone can help me out and can send me a price i can send a deposit for them to be made or whatever. i'm not sure how that works. TIA.