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Thread: Anyone have candles or candle holders they want to sell?

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    here are a few peices I have:

    this is heavy and the green is it's normal color, it is an old retired PL peice, no chips or cracks, and is large enough to hold a PL 3 wick, floating candles or can use it for a wine chiller

    asking 20.00 plus shipping

    these area set of three and there is purple in the stem of each- this is also retired PL and rarely used.
    asking 20.00 for the set plus shipping

    I have 2 of these and they are cut crystal called the cottage votive holder, can use votives or tea lights,
    asking 5.00 each or 8.00 for both plus shipping
    these are also retired peices

    this is from the well being line- not sure if it is still active in the catty or not -
    there is a candle in the holder in the pic, but It has since been cleaned -
    asking 7.00 plus shipping.

    last one:

    this is a tealight house- "gone fishing' and is also retired.
    burns 2 tealights one inside and one in the fire pit.
    asking 20.00 plus shipping

    I have a few other things and if you want I can post them but I will need to take pics of them -
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    I love the 2nd picture (set of 3) but idk if DH would go for purple
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    I have a open online party.
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