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Thread: I'm so tired of trying and so so tired of being sad.

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    I'm so tired of trying and so so tired of being sad.

    Backstory. We've been trying for baby #2 for about 9 months over the course of the last year and a half(thank you deployments). We have one DD who's almost four and just the most perfect little thing in the world. We are desperately trying for another. But I'm no spring chicken anymore and neither is he. We are both 32 and we wanted a large family. however, he's not keen on having more after 35. What. Is. Wrong. We are doing all the right things. Sex all the time, then sex spur of the moment bc it was stressing us out, tracking ovulation, tracking periods, Maca root, drinking LOTS of water. Sexy time in every position possible. Drunk sex. Sober sex. Tipsy sex. My Dr said we have to have been trying for a consecutive year. THAT'S NEVER GOING TO HAPPEN WITH HIM ALWAYS FRIGGEN GONE. I'm desperate. I'm sad. And I CANNOT vent to him bc it makes him sad, and then stresses him out and then sexy time isn't as successful. My BFF is WONDERFUL and supportive and says all the right things. But I need some effing friends to commiserate with. Anyone? Any takers. I almost paid $27 to the FB baby psychic today. With my first I had a retained placenta and small hemorrhage, and I've read that that can cause secondary infertility. But my dr. won't even discuss it until we've been trying for a stupid consecutive year. Anyhoo, be my friend. I'm a really really good listener.
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    I understand not testing before the 1 yr mark, but I've never heard of them requiring that year to be uninterrupted. Can you get a second opinion on that once you've tried for a year in total?
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    I would push about getting tested. I had a lot of doctors resist when I told them I needed certain tests because I was so young. I had a doctor actually laugh in my face when I said the next step was a laprascopy. After 5 years of TTC I was diagnosed with severe endometriosis and it turns out I was unable to have children the entire time. It was waste of money on treatments and appointments and I wish all the doctors I had seen would have taken me seriously because I *knew* something was wrong. (though I'd had endo symptoms since the age of 15). You're over the age of 30, and I would switch doctors until you find one that makes you feel like he/she listens and takes you seriously.

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