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Thread: What are your thought?!

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    Quote Originally Posted by stephaa2430 View Post
    I normally have a 28 day cycle and it is usually dead on. My last period was super late and I tested negative and eventually got my period. But I assumed it was from stress. Now I am over a week late and idk why. Is it possible for my cycle to change completely all because I was so late last month? Because that has never happened to me before.
    You are regular until you arent. I dont know if I would waste time or money going to a doctor at this point. Are you tracking your cycle with anything besides the (useless) calendar? Are you using OPKs or temping? If not, I suggest doing that as it will give you an idea if you are even ovulating and if so, when. If you know when you are ovulating, you know your period will come 12-16 days later. You are currently 'late' probably because you are ovulating later. NBD. Cycles can change. If it becomes a sustained change over a few months or your cycles are 45+ days long for more than 4-5 cycles, then you can go to a doctor to have stuff checked out. If your period doesnt come in 60 days, go to a doctor.
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    Thanks for the advice. To be honest I haven't tried any of that because tracking my period has always been so accurate for me. The first time around that's all I did and it thankfully it was so easy to get pregnant I didn't have to consider doing anything extra. Thanks again and I will be going out and getting myself a basal thermometer and ovulation kit for sure.
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    Dude, it's frustrating! I found that checking cervical mucus & position was most accurate for me. Especially when I was still breastfeeding &TTC

    I hope your period gets back on track and/or you are able to track it more precisely. Good luck!!

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