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By GBS I am assuming you mean Guillain Barre and not group B strep...correct? If so, there really isn't any info. However the risk is likely similar to that of Dengue as the Zika virus is similar to that. Guillain Barre is pretty rare overall. It has been associated with certain viruses but really what it is is the body's immune system going into overdrive with fight/flight and turning on the body's own immune system. It can really happen with almost any virus but usually we see it after a gastroenteritis (stomach bug) or viral URI (cold). So its not something I would really worry about much with Zika since it is much more likely to happen with contracting the common cold or a stomach bug. but again Guillain Barre is very rare.

I'll be back in the hospital on Wednesday so I can always swing by and ask the ID docs if they have any other thoughts on it
Thanks. I wondered if it was just the typical risk after a virus, or if it was something more significant. I'm not especially concerned, I just find this super interesting. I've seen it mentioned in articles about Ziva, but it's always sort of an after thought at the end, with most of the focus being on the pregnancy/microcephaly issues.