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Thread: TTC Roll Call 2015-2016

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    Quote Originally Posted by CinciNanny View Post
    Name: Jess (CinciNanny)
    When we started TTC: October 2014
    Methods: Temping, CM checks, "doing it a lot", using Clue app, OPKs.
    Testing done: Bloodwork, HSG is next week. DH's semen analysis is in two weeks.
    Medications: prenatals.
    History of Infertility: none that I know of on my side - all three of my siblings and I were accidents. But, I have pretty severe ovarian cysts. MIL struggled to get pregnant, though... Not sure if that's related.
    Additional comments: DH leaves for Afghanistan in the spring so I feel like we're on a "time crunch" which is probably not helping things move along.
    Sorry I saw this so late! I got you added!

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    Name: Andi (Just_Special)
    When you started trying: Feb 2016
    Which child are you TTC: #1
    Methods (OPKs, temping, doing it a lot , etc): Ovia fertility app, cycle app, glow app, lots of in fertile window; will be moving on to temping and OPK in March 2016
    Testing done: none yet
    Medications: Prenatals, Scopolamine (can't go off it due to health issues)
    Any history of infertility: personally, no; in the family, yes
    Additional comments: Happy to be here and get the process started. TTC is new for us, we didn't ever expect to be here!
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    Name: Jessica
    When you started trying: 18 months and counting
    Which child are you TTC: first miracle baby!
    Methods (OPKs, temping, doing it a lot , etc): Doing a lot
    Testing done: I've had a hysterosalpingogram and a laparoscopy
    Medications: metformin, clomid and letrozole
    Any history of infertility: The women in my family are all fertile!
    Additional comments: I've been diagnosed with PCOS. I have always had a irregular periods but I had the hysterosalpingogram and laparoscopy in early February. Since then I have had two completely natural periods that didn't need medications to start! woot woot! Now if only my husband would get back from his 3 month officer training school so we can keep trying!
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