Hi guys!

I've been PCOS for who knows how long and didn't really find out until after i stopped birth control and moved to a non-hormonal IUD. It's never been an issue that i never got a period since that is every girls dream, but recently, after gtting my IUD out and TTC, it is.

My doctor has tried several rounds of Provera in order to induce a period and it's finally worked. However, i haven't been ovulating.
So now we are doing another round of Provera with Letrozole to stimulate my ovaries to "drop an egg"

My mother is on this medication for her metastatic breast cancer, and i wonder- does any one else have any experience with this medication? I know the side effects since my mother has been experiencing them, but i'd love to ask anyone who is taking it for the same reason i have.

Also, the provera coems with some serious mood swings. Any tips on stress relievers?

Thanks in advance!!