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Thread: Not having a period

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    Not having a period

    So BC came out april 9th. I have yet to have a visit from mother nature yet since christmas day.
    How often and when would you test? Obviously I'm late even by my normal standards for every 2 months, I'm late. ( fyi) What what point do you go to the dr about being late? Can they do anything for you? I'm a complete and utter noob about any of the TCC stuff since both times before now were the ONE TIME dh forgot to pull out.
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    I have absolutely ZERO TTC advice because both my kids (and even my m/c) were "omg just ONE time, how does that happen?!" babies; however, I bought a bunch of the 88 cent tests from WalMart, and I test pretty much every few days or at least weekly and always FMU. My period still isn't anywhere near regular or anything between the pregnancy with DD, BFing I was doing, the BC implant I was on, the m/c I had, etc. so that's the only way I don't stress out. Actually I haven't had a period in like a year and a half because of all the hormonal changes. We're not actively trying yet.

    I hope you get some good advice from someone!
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    Being on BC can really mess up your cycles. If you dont have a BFP or a period within 60 days, I would consult your OB as they can give you something to jump start it, although some doctors wont jump start until 90 days without a period.
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    I have PCOS and my doctor highly encouraged me to seek medical treatment at the 90 day mark.
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    I'm on day 70 something without a period. My doc has finally referred me to a specialist to run some tests and hopefully jump start my cycle. I've burned through so many dollar store tests. I first went to the foc on day 60 something.

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