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Thread: How long did you wait?

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    How long did you wait?

    For those of you with more than one child or one and one on the way. How long did you wait before you started TTC again. I would like to go off the pill in July. Mainly because I know how long it took before I got pregnant this last time(we wernt trying and he had been deployed until right before Kaden was concieved!) I am no saying that I want to get pregnant RIGHT away just that I would like to stop using the pill and see what happens and then if nothing actually start TTC about christmastime next year. Kaden will be one in October and I dont want them to be that far apart. The problem is my hubby doesnt want me to go off BC until the beginning of the nex year 08. I have a feeling(womens intuition maybe) that he will be getting deployed again in 08 if not late 07! and I want to get pregnant before he leaves again. Any advice or help you may have. TIA!
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    Madison was 17 months when we started trying again, but it only took one try . I haven't had a problem getting pregnant either time so I didn't want to start trying until I wanted to get pregnant since I was sure it'd happen pretty fast. I wanted them about 2 years apart give or take a few months and they are 26 months apart. Was perfect!
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    It took me 9.5 years to conceive my son. It took fertility medications, timing, charting etc. After we had him we knew we wanted 1 more child but we didnt know when. I also had no clue if I could even get pregnant again or how hard it would be etc. We decided that when we could say to each other "I am ready to have another child in 9 months time" then we were ready to start trying. Because we didnt know if it would happen right away but we wanted to be sure we were ready

    In May, our son was 18 months old and my husband told me he was ready to start fertility medication again whenever I was. I told him I wasnt ready to do the meds yet or the timing but I was ready to stop preventing and see how that goes. And we could start the fertility meds back up towards the New Year. He agreed so we stopped preventing. The very next month I was pregnant This from someone who has PCOS, it took almost a decade to conceive her first, took medication, timing, charting etc.

    So my advice to you is the same. When you can say "I am ready for another baby in 9 months" THEN ditch the birth control. Because you dont know if it'll happen right away or not..

    We are very pleased with what the age difference willbe for our kids. We didnt want anything too large in an age gap or too little. They will be almost 2.5 years apart

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    zoe was 3.5 when we started trying again... however, she's from my previous marriage... with my current hubby, we were married a month and a half when we started trying
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    My kids are almost 5 years me, that was perfect.
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    My son was about 2 1/2 when we tried and I got PG with my daughter the 1st time so they are 3 years and 2 1/2 months apart
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    My daughter turned one yesterday and we are trying for another one now!
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    Well I wanted to start ASAP. Dh was deployed for 6 months and as soon as he got home we started trying. 2 weeks later I was pregnant. Jacob was 6 months when I found out.
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    Maddie is 17 months and we are trying again now
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    I have three kidlets. The are all three years (approx) apart. I have boy 10, boy 7, and girl 3. My eldest will be 11 (I still can't believe it) in July.
    I think that it is really personal... you and your hubby know what is right for your family. For me, I wanted the older one to be at least on the way to potty trained before the next one.
    It has worked nicely. Each kid got to be the baby and eveyone has gotten their own time with me.
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