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Thread: Rehearsal Gone Sour

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    Rehearsal Gone Sour

    So I've talked about it before but for those of you who don't know I'm a ballerina and I plan on making ballet my future. I've been having some trouble with a recurring ankle injury lately and last Thursday I had another slip up while we were rehearing Don Quixote. It's swelled up bigger than ever before and even though it's a week and a half later it hurts as much as it did the first day. Of course I've had it checked out by my doctor and I'm getting it looked at again in a few days, but if any of you have any advice on what I could do to help with the swelling, bruising, or pain I would really appreciate it. Thanks guys!
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    Rice it. Rest, ice, compress, elevate. and pain killers. I think ibruprophen is best for swelling?

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