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Thread: Does your family throw/attend Superbowl Parties?

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    Even though DH and I don't like football at all(I actually normally celebrate the Superbowl being over with. Due to my shows I like are no longer being interrupted by football once the Superbowl is over.. ) . Sometimes we will still go to parties, because it's still fun to just hang out. Plus, I LOVE food that people normally serve at sports parties. Like wings I could eat every day all day. Then normally all the dips, and like little football shaped cookies or other little finger food deserts are always good...
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    When the Steelers are playing, my parents go to wherever the Super Bowl is that year just to party. I went with them to Tampa in was a blast! As for my husband and I...we'll watch the game and have typical football food (wings, booze...except not for me this year , etc)...but not really what I would call a party.
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    We don't throw them, but we go! We LOVE football!

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    Nope but I have been to them before. The Super Bowl doesnt come on here until after midnight so no thanks!

    DH isnt really into sports which is nice for me when the Super Bowl falls on my birthday.
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    Quote Originally Posted by sailorbear View Post
    I hope your surgery goes well and you'll be home in time to attend or throw a party!
    Thank you!!
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    Last year and the year before that, DH and I have hosted a Super Bowl gathering. I invite my family. He invites whoever (usually the neighbors). This year, we are heading next door for the game. If it wasn't for me, DH wouldn't even know when Super Bowl is.

    We play Super Bowl bingo. On the card, you have different commercials, things that will happen in a football game, and the center tile is always halftime show. It also bridges the gap between people who watch the game and people who are there for the commercials.

    Go Seahawks!!
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    We attend parties. DH threw one party when we were dating, but hasn't since. They are so much fun, besides the football the commercials are always great!
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