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    I don't know if you've tried this, but there are some aps out there that could be helpful...they have pictures the child can press and the app will say the word for the child for example, which can allow them some verbal ability without them having to be verbal...

    I like the picture board too, that is helpful. My son was super late to speak (not autistic just ADHD, DB's son is autistic though) but mine was able to learn some basic signs and communicate that way. We also had all his hearing checked and it was all normal he just didn't want to speak...we also worked with a speech therapist.
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    yes, as mentioned above, there are apps that can be used to allow him to communicate. He will select pictures to form sentences of what he wants. It will take some teaching for him to know what the pictures mean. this is how my niece and nephew communicate, they've had electronic devices since they were toddlers (now 18 and 20). At first it was a device (like a tablet - but back in the early 2000s) and now it is apps on their iPads. Sign language can work too, again they would need to be taught. If you get him diagnosed, you can get devices for free through the state, services through Tricare (beyond what the state can give) and many other things

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