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Thread: Dough the Right Thing!

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    Hungry Dough the Right Thing!

    It is official. The folks over at the Dreyer's/Edy's ice cream factory in sunny California are geniuses. First they invented the whole slow-churning process (which everyone and their grandmother copied -- not that it bothers us, because now we have more ice cream to enjoy!), and now they have found a way to cram OODLES of goodies into a frozen dessert that has fewer calories and less fat than many so-called "light" ice creams. What gives? It's probably because the base of this stuff is made mostly from skim milk (which is why it is billed as a "frozen dairy dessert"). But any way you slice (er, spoon) it, their cookie dough version ROCKS. Each spoonful contains CHUNKS of chewy cookie dough packed with mini Nestlé® Toll House® Morsels. And it is as delicious as any other cookie dough ice cream we've ever tried. The truly amazing thing is that it has less than half the calories of your average cookie dough ice cream, and just a tiny FRACTION of the fat. Yippee! And BTW, cookies 'n cream fans need to know that the C 'n C version of Loaded (110 calories, 3.5g fat) is head-explodingly good as well.

    Serving Size: 1/2 cup
    Calories: 130
    Fat: 4.5g
    Sodium: 45mg
    Carbs: 21g
    Fiber: 1g
    Sugars: 14g
    Protein: 2g

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    thats awesome.. i love icecream and cant eat any that actually tastes good on this diet, so ill have to try it!

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