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Thread: Soy and Dairy Free?

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    Soy and Dairy Free?

    Anyone? I'm on day 3 and just irritated about all the food in my house DH gets to finish because I can't I live off Quaker granola bars, but them in bulk from Costco, but can't have them now. That's my biggest devastation I think.

    What are your go to snacks? Any tricks or tips to make it easier?

    The cheese is awful on it's own but cooking with it isn't bad, it's Daiya brand cheddar. I'm trying Nature's Path granola bars now and I'm not incredibly impressed so far but may just be the flavor. I don't mind rice milk at all, surprisingly, and the butter I'm using isn't too bad either.

    If I can find the right things I might just keep it up even if I no longer have to. I am just realllllly going to miss yogurt, sour cream, and cream cheese!
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    If rice milk starts to become ehh for you I suggest Lactaid, Its a type of milk, we recently found out my dad is lactose intolerant and found that lactaid taste exactly like milk!

    good luck
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    Have you tried almond milk? I find it to be yummier than rice milk.
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    Quote Originally Posted by just, Chaleigh View Post
    Have you tried almond milk? I find it to be yummier than rice milk.

    DH drinks almond milk and really enjoys it. He prefers the Almond Breeze to Silk.

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    Quote Originally Posted by just, Chaleigh View Post
    Have you tried almond milk? I find it to be yummier than rice milk.
    Definitely. Rice milk also has a lot more carbs than almond milk, and unsweetened vanilla almond milk is only like 30 calories/cup. Unsweetened vanilla is the best and closest tasting to regular milk imo, though please don't flame me because it still doesn't taste like regular milk

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    We use all almond or rice based products around here. My daughter is allergic to soy & dairy.

    There are yogurts, ice cream, cream cheese, etc. that are almond or rice based. We use those for my daughter. Some things we can find at QFC. Not sure if there is a Whole Foods in Tacoma or not. But I know there is in Lynnwood but that is a bit far for you. We've also gone to the one in Bellevue when we take our daughter to Children's near there.
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    I'm an almond milk user, too. And cheese, I just don't do at all...the fake stuff just isn't worth it to me, so I just don't eat it. They do may make nut/coconut based yogurt, sour cream, and ice cream.

    Snacks are simple--fruits or veggies. Can't go wrong with that.
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    I'm soy and dairy free! I have been since Beckett was 4 weeks. If you have any questions, please PM me. There is dairy free butter that isn't bad and that is the only thing I still crave. All of the processed foods and snack foods we had in the house had soy and dairy in it, so I was so upset at first. Fresh fruit and veg were my go to foods. I also had to give up chocolate and that was hard. All recipes can be substituted to remove dairy products- I made a dairy free birthday cake and we had a dairy free Thanksgiving. The first week is the hardest, but when I realized DS wasn't screaming all of the time I realized I needed to continue to be soy and dairy free. Now I will slip up every couple of weeks and he gets gassy and screams for hours again. He also begins spitting up and/or pooping blood. Has your doctor talked to you about probiotics at all? I swear by them, Beckett was so colicky, and within 2 weeks of the probiotics he has sleeping well and all of the symptoms he had went away.

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    I'm not soy/dairy free so idk if I'll be much help but I DO know that coconut milk ice cream is actually pretty good! David drinks almond milk and enjoys it, I don't drink any type of milk though but I have tasted it and it tasted pretty similar to cows milk to me (all gross IMO ). Good luck!

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