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Thread: Sugarless Thanksgiving Recipes?

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    Help Sugarless Thanksgiving Recipes?

    DB just told me last night that his cousin, who will be spending Thanksgiving with us, is allergic to sugar. I was going to make sweet potatoes with marshmallows, but that's obviously out of the question now.

    Anyone know any good sugar-free Thanksgiving-y dishes?

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    How does he LIVE?! Isn't there like, sugar in everything these days!!?

    Is he allergic to every type of sugar like brown, fruit, muscovado etc or just cane & beet?

    Also, you could try using sugar replacement maybe?
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    Thats a tough one, you could do some sort of vegetable dish. Or just make sweet potatoes without the marshmallows.
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    We always eat sweet potatoes with crushed pineapple (if he can eat fruit). And you'd have to use fresh sweet potatoes because I think the canned ones have added sugar.

    We eat low sugar, and I made a cranberry jello mold with sugar free gelatin filled with cranberry and apples. That was good. Again, you wouldn't be able to use the canned cranberry sauce. This year I made my cranberry sauce without sugar, I used a little Splenda and natural fruit sweetener.

    Other than that, we make everything from scratch, like roasted garlic cauliflower soup or a butternut squash soup, creamed spinach, brussels sprouts with browned butter, etc.
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    I would be sure to double check if it is all types of sugar or certain types like PP said. sugar allergies just like all others can be specific or broad.

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