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Thread: Organic Milk

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    Organic Milk

    If you drink organic milk, what brand do you use?

    We're just getting into the whole organic food thing. I'd been debating for a while whether to switch or not, and finally decided to make the leap. At our commissary, I saw Viva milk that was hormone and antibiotic free, but it didn't say organic on it (we want to use milk from pasture cows, not ones just fed corn), so I assumed they were still fed corn based feed which is why it was so much cheaper.

    So I bought Horizon milk that said organic on it. Then I started doing research, and it turns out there's actually very little pasture for Horizon cows to graze off of. Which defeats the purpose of getting organic milk for us, since something that's important to us is that our animal products eat more naturally to pass on the better nutrients to us.

    I shop for most of our fruit and vegetables at our local farmers market, but ours is very small and they don't sell milk or meat. There are farmer's markets here that might sell that stuff, but they're a pretty far drive to make that often. I'd like to see if the commissary offers good stuff first.
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    I buy organic milk and have for a long time. I don't like milk and only use it for cooking although he eats cereal also. I buy organic just because it last so much longer. I normally just buy which ever brand is cheaper. Usually just the grocery store generic. Sorry, I can't be much help.
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    I use the Vermont Cow brand, usually. I don't know if you'd have that all the way in Hawaii though. Organic Valley is another good one, and they have THE BEST organic chocolate milk.

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    The only one readily available around here is Horizon. However, I didn't ever really like the way it tastes. I love milk and drink it quite frequently, so taste really matters to me. I only tried their whole milk though. There are some decent brands at organic or health stores, but I can't remember which one I liked best off the top of my head. It's been a while, lol!
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    We only have Organic Valley here. The options for organic here suck!!
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    Horizon organic FF...
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    i have tried organic valley I really really like it. If only i could get my husband to do the switch :-P

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