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Thread: gastric bypass meals..

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    gastric bypass meals..

    I will post them as I find them ..


    decided to try one of the Eggface pizza recipes, made a simple pepperoni pizza

    Mission Carb Balance Flour Tortilla - Cals...80, Carbs...12 (Fiber 7), Protein...3

    Chef Boyardee Pizza Sauce (1 tbsp per tortilla) - Cals...8, Carbs...2, Protein...0

    Kraft Deli Fresh Mozzarella Slices (1.5 slices) Cals...105, Carbs...0, Protein...9

    Pepperoni Slices (6 slices per tortilla) - Cals...53, Carbs...0, Protein...2

    So, we're talking a total of 246 Cals, 14 Carbs, 14 Protein

    note: Eggface uses the Mission Carb Whole Wheat Tortillas, but i read the labels of the carb balance flour and the carb balance wheat and they were almost exactly the same, so I went for taste.

    2nd note: this nut info is for the whole 6" pizza, i cut it in 4 wedges, ate 3 and gave 1 to Sofia

    3rd note: my daughter has no idea who the Teletubbies are, but I remember them as being really creepy cuz they didn't speak.

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    thank you!! You should make a discussion in the gastric bypass group for recipes Man, now I want pizza....

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