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Thread: HELP!! Ice cream using goat milk?!?!?

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    HELP!! Ice cream using goat milk?!?!?

    I am trying to figure out how to make ice cream while sticking to my daughter's very limited allowed diet!
    She can only have goat milk! (she is allergic to cow milk and soy, a specific type of protein that is found in both)
    We can only use Molasses or Rice Syrup as sweeteners
    She can only have sweet potatoes, carrots, green peas, pears, and apples
    also, we can use potato products

    No sugar, artificial sweetener, salt, additives (most have either salt or citrus), citrus fruit, berries, nuts, gluten, or corn products. She is allergic to ALL of these!

    This is an attempt to get her to eat more by mouth. She is teething and we figure the cold will help her mouth and maybe she will eat it. Currently the only way she will eat is if we turn her milk or baby food into "popsicles" or freeze everything.

    Any ideas of how we might be able to accomplish this would be appreciated!!
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    Only good place I found is:

    But I haven't tried any myself - I just googled those...might want to check out too see what they have. Organic/whole food stores should have some alternative ice cream products which may include goats milk ice cream but I don't know what ingredients they would use that you could try. Good luck.
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    What about a bananas and goatmilk ice cream?

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