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Thread: Quick healthy bring-to-work lunches??

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    what is meant to be will always find it's way :)
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    Quick healthy bring-to-work lunches??

    I really want to try and pack my lunch more often but i dont know very many quick and healthy things i can make the night before to grab and take in the morning. I've done turkey sandwich's, soup, oatmeal, tuna salad/crackers.... any other good ideas?
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    I make extra dinner the night before and bring in pork chops, etc. I'll make a little extra tuna casserole, chili, spaghetti. Stouffers has these skillets that can easily make 2 meals. They take about 15 minutes to make and I prepack em for lunch. I'm not huge on tv dinners but Healthy Choice is typically on sale and those are good too!

    For snacks...I pack fruit cups, fruit snacks, granny smith apples and peanut butter, popcorn.

    I'm on a huge budget so not going out for lunch has become my goal.

    Tuna salad sounds yummy right now
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    Those Healthy Choice Fresh Mixer meals that don't have to be refriderated are pretty good.
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    Get a box with compartments and put all the stuff for wraps in the different boxes. Like, a tortilla, chicken/tuna, lettuce, mayo (I always steal mayo, mustard, and ketchup packets from gas stations). You can do that for salads or tuna and crackers too, so that everything doesn't get mushy and wet. Plus its fun to put everything together

    Or, you could do pizza on a bagel. Just put the sauce, cheese, pepperoni, and some Italian seasoning on the bagel and microwave it.
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    G loved when I'd make him wraps instead of sandwiches... Pre-cut veggies and fruit are a good option for a "side" instead of chips..

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    i bring in left overs to eat for lunch the next day. You shud make a little extra at dinner time and pack it up for the next day. I bring fruit to work, bc it is filling and healthy. Also what else is really filling believe it or not is rice cakes, they come in different types, the peanut butter ones are good. Also if u get the plain ones, they sell little indivual cups of peanut butter you can always spread that on the rice cake or dip apples in it.
    As for lunches, your best bet is to cook on the weekend and precook your lunches like stuff that wont go bad like grilled chicken or pasta. Stuff like the tv dinners and soups are high in salt and you dont want that. Basically just pack up healthy foods that are going to fill u up during the work day
    i hope that helped
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    I'm sorry for the things I said when I was hungry.
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    i love those healthy choice steamer things and also lean cuisines. yum

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    I found this tupper ware at stop and shop, has a place in the lid for a fork and knife, a cold pack inside the lid, and 3 places to put stuff. fantastic for left overs and was only $4.99!!!

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