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Thread: Atkins

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    Question Atkins

    So a couple of years ago I went on Atkins and lost 30 pounds...Three months ago I went on WW and I didn't lose anything... My mom swears by the program and has lost 40 pounds on it.. However, It just didn't work for me.. I'm now back on Atkins (low carb) and have started losing wieght again... anyone else feel the same way? or on the program?
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    I went on Atkins in 2003 and lost 60 pounds. Gained it back. Had a baby. Gained some more. Started EXERSIZING daily and doing weight watchers and lost over 100 pounds. Had another baby, gained 40 of it back - working on losing the 40 plus another 20.

    Both weight watchers and atkins worked for me, it's just that atkins isn't a lifestyle change I can stick to.
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    I lost 40lbs on Adkins. Gained it all back during pregnancy. I couldn't do it again. My stomach was always upset!

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    well i have done both WW and the Atkins Diet and the Curves low carb diet and of all 3 I lost the most on Atkins but I cannot stand that Diet because its to hard to stick with and when you go off of it you will gain all that weight back if not more. So what we are doing this time is just cutting back on our carbs but nothing really drastic like Atkins but more or less like the Curves low carb. But we are also going to be eating the leaner meats to cut back on the fats too. I think that will work better for us. I personally seem to do better on diets that have more protein and less carbs and some fats.

    When I was on Atkins and working out at home I lost like 40lbs. which is the most I have ever lost on any diet in my life. I only seem to be able to manage to lose 30lbs on any diet no matter what it is as long as I am exercising too.

    Good luck on this go round for Atkins.

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