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Thread: Southern CA ?

  1. Ohana6
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    Southern CA ?

    Some questions some of you who know the area can maybe answer for me.

    Most maps seem to mostly show south of the base, nothing really above the base.
    When you go out into town for stuff, stores, shopping, where do you go - south?

    My husband wants us at the north end cos it'll be closer to his dad, in San Juan Capistrano.
    It looks like San Clemente is the first town north of the base, and I know it *has* to have all the same things as the towns in the south - Target, Walmart, Costco, malls, etc..
    So do most people live at the southern end (by the main gate) so that's why they show more of off base at that end of the base on maps?

    I hope that made sense. My friend sent me a map and highlighted some stuff, I know she lives by the front gate, so everything seemed to be in Vista (?)

    The base looks HUGE so I don't know how feasible it is to drive through base to go out the front gate to go shopping (?)
    Just trying to get the lay of the land.
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    There's shopping in San Clemente. I don't know how far it is from the housing. I've lived near the south end of the base (O'side, Carlsbad, etc) so I know that area, but not really the northern area well. And yeah I think many more ppl live on the southern side. It's not *that* far from one end to the other really. A lot off ppl commute to work through that length every day.

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    North of the base is considered Orange County, south of the base, Oceanside, is still San Diego COunty. There's always the eastern side like Fallbrook. Temecula is on the eastern side as well, but it's no longer San Diego County. Camp P is a HUGEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE base...
    If I was moving to CP, I would live in the Southern end.
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    I lived in the Northern end because I went to school and I'm from O.C so my family is there. There is A LOT to do, shopping and entertainment wise, in all directions of the base (which yes, it huge). North there is San Clemente, Mission Viejo and Irvine. South is Oceanside and Carlsbad then eventually downtown San Diego. East is Fallbrook and Vista and you can't go West because you are right on the ocean

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