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Thread: Gym on Miramar?

  1. RockstarMom
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    Gym on Miramar?

    Hubby wants to go to the gym in the morning (he's on leave). Where is the gym on Miramar? Is it near the pool? I can't remember.
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    Ive seen it before, I know I have....I just cant remember right now. I think its down the road that McDonalds is on, but thats a really bad guess!
  3. MilitarySOS Jewel
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    Rod says it's right behind where the bowling alley used to be and the JetMart. There is a new building across the street from the pool that says Semper Fit but not sure what exactly is housed in that building.
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  4. RockstarMom
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    I think we'll just drive and look for it. I have to go to the commy anyways.
  5. RockstarMom
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    He changed his mind. We;ll find it later today after he works on the car and he'll go tomorrow.
  6. Account Closed
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    I think it might be across the street from the Commy, more like across the street from the MCX, one street back. Ryan and I were driving around last weekend coming back from the Miramar Inn and I remember asking him if that was the gym because it said something like Semper Fit on it and it was FREAKING huge!!!!

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