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Thread: Just moved to NAS Lemoore

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    Just moved to NAS Lemoore

    Hi I'm 30 years old and recently moved to Lemoore with DH. We met while i was going to nursing school in HI, we've been together for about 6 years now, but have only been married a year. I don't know much about military life and have read all the rules before posting.

    We don't have any kids yet and probably don't plan to for a few more years. I know I'm getting old we should get on that ASAP but so far we just want to get adjusted and for me to focus on my career first. It's been very lonely. I just want to say hi and if anyone is on base or off base wants to hang out? Get mani/pedi together? Go shopping grocery shopping, watch tv?
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    I wouldn't worry about running out of time, just wait until you are ready for and want a child. 30 is NOT old!!! You have plenty of time
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    Welcome! I had to google Lemoore, didn't know where it was. Seems like a small place, hope you can find some things to enjoy there!

    I'm down in San Diego, a bit far to drive for a hang out, unfortunately!
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    Hi and .

    When you get a chance, consider posting an intro in the Newbies section.

    We have many friends who have been to Lemoore, often multiple times. Plenty of them loved it, and others not so much. I hope it turns out to be a great experience for you!

    If you are looking to make connections and meet other spouses, consider getting involved with the squadron or command spouses club. It's a good way to meet people, keep up with what's happening at the command, and hopefully make some friends, or at least know some people when you attend command social functions.
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