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Thread: colleges??

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    Hi! so my hubby is headed to SD this next month and i will be out there sometime in june or july. I am currently in college and was wondering if any of you ladies are in school and where/what schools are around that i can look into. My main worry is finding a school to finish up my degree. the bad thing is ive been kinda slackin a bit and my grades arnt that good!!!! any help??
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    How many credits do you currently have?!
    I know SDSU is getting harder and harder to get into. There's also CSU San Marcos depending on what your major is. UCSD and USD are EXTREMELY pricey. USD is private and there are a couple other private universities in San Diego.
  3. Kendra23
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    im just a few credits short of a junior, i think im not sure what all will transfer because im comming from texas. and im still kinda undecided on my major but most likely political science or govt. thanks, ill check into those
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    i go to sdsu...i love it. i love the price. but its getting harder and harder to get into. what is your major?
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    I'm going to UCSD (well, I'm taking time off right now). It's the best school in the area IMO, the degree there is worth more. BUT it's a very annoying school, doing things like only offering a class once a year (most major classes are like that), so if you can't get in you have to wait a year to take it, etc.

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    I am going to National University, an online four year University. It's accelerated, which is nice, and they have a nice discount for military ($750 a class instead of about $1300).
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    I go to SDSU and am actually involved in the poli sci dept (my minor/allied disicpline). Anyway, transfering is a lot easier than comin in as a freshman (from what I am told). I love it there to and will be graduating in May!! Maybe you can take my spot! LOL

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