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Thread: Pendleton - Internet Providers

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    Pendleton - Internet Providers

    Who do you use for your internet and how has it worked for you? If so what level plan do you use (different speeds for internet and such)?

    Want to go with the most basic package to save the most $, but we also use the internet a pretty good amount (cell phones, netflix instead of tv, work, school, etc.)

    Also, we are going to be living on base and I'm not sure if that means you are only allowed one specific internet provider regardless? I haven't lived on base before and while he was in the barracks, his roommate handled the internet so naturally, we didn't really talk about it then.

    Sorry if it's a silly question, but I just want to start making a budget before I get out to CA with no financial plan lol deployment has made it pretty much impossible to be able to talk very much, so thought I'd ask on here.

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    When I lived on Camp Pen I had Cox cable bundle deal. Where my house was sitting Dish net work and a few of the others couldn't get signal. Cox cable had to go 3 houses down to the cable box send a signal to a box in my kitchen then to the rest of the house. I lived in Pacific View North
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    I'm down in San Diego but we've had cox. Most people I know, including myself, found cox extremely expensive. The service was fine, we were just paying more than we wanted. We have directv now and are very happy with it. 3 years ago, we bundled directv with att for internet. Not that the contracts are over, I don't remember what we were paying, but without a renewal we were paying $68 for satellite (one dvr and a 100 or so channels) and another $50 for internet.

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