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Thread: Admiral Hartman and Pacific Beach

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    Admiral Hartman and Pacific Beach

    I am new to SOS but I was hoping I could get some first hand opinions and information about the housing options in San Diego. We will PCS to Miramar in November and we are currently on the waitlist for Admiral Hartman Housing. I was wondering if any of you can speak first hand on what that housing is like? Are the houses nice? My biggest concern is the crime, noise, and nightlife related problems that might come with living in Pacific Beach. Any remarks on that? We have two kids, 4yrs and 2 yrs, and I want to be sure we end up in a nice family-friendly community, not a big party area. How is the traffic and commute time to Miramar? Does anybody have some better pictures of the housing there? Im just trying to decide if we should keep our names on that list or start considering something else like Murphy Cannon or Chesterton. Any info on any of these is much appreciated!!

    Thank you!!!
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    I've never been in or lived at AH but I here good things! I, personally, wouldn't live in PB. Would I feel safe there? Sure. I've lived in a worse area, but the partying would quickly annoy me.

    Here's a link to a great facebook group. They have lots of pictures of all the Lincoln properties here in SD. And there is surely someone in that group that lives in AH.

    Good luck!
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    We're in Chesterton, and love it. Wouldn't pick Murphy Canyon as to me its crowded and it feels like everyone is on top of each other and parking is a nightmare when i got over to my friends houses. Join the group Abby linked. There are a few girls who live in AH and there are inside pictures of the houses. Chesterton and AH are almost mirror, but AH doesn't have AC. They say you don't need it, but with yesterday being 96 degree's i would of needed it even with a beach breeze lol.

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