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Thread: Need a Place that accepts large dog

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    Smile Need a Place that accepts large dog

    My husband is finally in San Diego. He is stationed in Miramar. For now, he is living with his friend who is also a marine. I'm still looking for job out there and cannot move out there yet. I wanted to find a job first before I could move out to San diego. Right now I live in ventura with my parents, 3 hours away.

    DH and I are looking for a place where they allow dogs that are more than 50 lbs. I have a Siberian husky and she is 70 lbs. We have looked for apartments and most of them have weight limit for dogs. I have not found an apartment that takes large dogs. We also don't mind renting a house, but they have to accept large dogs as well. Giving up my dog is not an option.

    Anybody there that knows a good apartment that takes large dogs?

    Thank you.
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    I lived in La Mirage apartments in Mission Valley, maybe a 15 min drive to Miramar. I have a 60lb collie and as far as I can remember there were no weight restrictions.

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