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Thread: Colleges close to Pendleton/Oceanside

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    Colleges close to Pendleton/Oceanside

    Hey all,
    Looking for colleges is difficult enough, add being across the country (Georgia) and it only adds to it! I'm moving to California come next summer, but I plan on being a full time student so here I am asking around for where you all tried and enjoyed.

    I'm looking for somewhere, honestly, that's as cheap as possible, but where I can get a degree in business.

    I've looked around online and most colleges need 1 year residency and on top of that, a 1 year way of guaranteeing you will be in CA... Obviously I won't have that right off, so how did y'all get around that?

    It's just 1- I don't want to wait around for a year and 2- With a year's time wasted, that's one year closer to us just having to move again. And I don't want to be 24 when the DF gets done with the Corps and not even close to a degree


    EDIT- Also, I'm not opposed to online classes! But we don't want kids until he's done with the military so I won't have much reason to stay home all the time.
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    The closest one is Mira costa community college. If you are looking for the closest 4 year, that would be cal state San Marcos. Have you looked into a military residency waiver?
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    So I'm not sure if you are considering online options but I am attending The University of North Carolina - Greensboro Online in the Fall. I will be finishing my degree in Business Admin. and German. What's great about this program is it's a separate program from on-campus studies so they offer out of state students a discounted online tuition rate. There are a couple options to add a specialization and they work quite a bit with military families so they have a fairly flexible transfer policy.Most University credits will transfer and they allow up to 60 community college credits to transfer. I love this program because it allows me to PCS without having to change my entire program or stay behind to finish up my degree. Definitely something to consider. Hope this helps

    The University of North Carolina at Greensboro

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