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Thread: Denver Colorado!

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    I have never been to Colorado (except for a layover in Denver) and all these posts make me feel like I am really missing out!
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    Hey I live in Denver Colorado so what would you like to know?

    In general it's a wonderful state that has a lot of things to do from an active nightlife, to a lot of out door events and activities, and is considered one of the healthiest states in the U.S.. We have a major hockey, football, baseball, basketball, and soccer team. Currently we are experiencing a lot of business growth especially in the technology and medical field. We have a very eclectic population, unfortunately boulder and a few other cities are not as receptive to some military personnel.... Actually my SO was told not to wear his uniform when he was on duty up there....but I'm not sure how the reaction to retired military is (I'm assuming either you or he is retired from the military). Denver is centrally located so it's easy to pretty much get anywhere from Denver. Traffic does stink right now because we are going through a lot of construction to widen the highway, but once that's finished it should make things a lot easier. Unfortunately, Denver has a breed restriction for animals so if you have any pets particularly dogs please double check that list.

    Anyway, feel free to PM me if you have any specific questions, or if you want someone to hang out with and show you the area when you arrive.
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    I've never been to Denver but IT IS SO PRETTY in all the pictures I've seen. So jealous!

    I have a Subaru Tribeca (Thanks to the lovely member Volare) and love it, just to give a review on them.

    ETA: OMG....I HAVE been to Denver. I forgot all my layovers are through there and last year I was stuck over night. I can say that people drive like crazies through blizzards, but to my Southern self driving at all through blizzards is crazy.
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