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Thread: orleck housing san Diego

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    orleck housing san Diego

    We were offered a house at Orleck Housing area in San Diego. I would like to get some input on the housing area. any help would be greatly appreciated. thank you!
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    Quote Originally Posted by sailorsproudwife View Post
    We were offered a house at Orleck Housing area in San Diego. I would like to get some input on the housing area. any help would be greatly appreciated. thank you!
    I have friends who live in Orleck Heights, one lives in a one story and the other a two story. The one story has the best kitchen layout of the Orleck units. The bedroom sizes (in both one story and two stories) are decent enough, I've seen smaller in military housing. All units have some sort of a yard, sizes vary. The housing area itself is centrally located to just about everything in San Diego. Base is a straight shot down the 15. The commute varies from 10 to 20 minutes depending on traffic. We've lived in Murphy Canyon (where Orleck is), the old housing (now known as the Villiage at Serra Mesa), Gateway (by MCRD) and the Villiage at NTC in Point Loma. DH says the easiest commute was from Murphy Canyon to 32nd street. Orleck has a community pool and playground/parks, which is nice for kids during the summer!
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    Orleck is in the huge military community, Murphy Canyon, in more northern San Diego. It's nice there. Lots of shopping nearby and it's pretty much a straight shot on the freeway to NBSD. There's a mini NEX, a chapel, schools, community areas with pools, etc.
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    We live in Orleck in a 3br 2.5ba. We live on the edge, up against the canyon so we have a larger than average back yard. The bedrooms are a decent price, the living areas are a bit on the small side. They're going to start up RECP here in June, so we may have to start paying for energy. I'm really not a fan, though. The houses are really old and kind of crappy quality. The walls are like paper and the upstairs floors creak like crazy. I can't wait to move.
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    There are good and bads to every housing. Everyones experience is different hopefully you have a good experience living there.
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