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Thread: wooohoooo!

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    Dance wooohoooo!

    so i am officially out of chula vista. some parts of it are good but not were i lived . last october or ford was stolen so after 2 months it wasnt recovered so we bought a toyota off a friend and 3 hours later our car (ford) was found in national city and so we had that towed to the base and nothing was wrong with it but less than 12 hours after buying the toyota it was broken into and the kenwood cd player was stolen. on top of that i no one next to me spoke english so i felt really uncomfortable and kinda sheltered myself. but now we are in the bayview hills housing and I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!! i am finally getting into a routine well fo the baby at least he goes to bed in his crib by 10pm each night. at the apartment he NEVER slept in his crib. so its kinda been a fresh start and then with dh deployed i am closer to alot more people going through or that have gone through the same thing. there is so much more room too!wooohooo. ok i think i am done. i got to get to bed before lil man wakes but i am WICKED EXCITED!!!!
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    glad thet your happy with your new houseing!

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