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Thread: FT Bliss, TX??

  1. luvmysailor2001
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    FT Bliss, TX??

    It looks like we may be headed that way. Anyone on here been there and mind to give me the good, bad, indifferent? Any useful info would help such as nearest POV station, websites, etc.
  2. bunkie
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    I'm sorry.

    I am at Ft.Bliss right now. This is the worst duty station I have ever been too. And I grew up in the military!

    The schools here are pretty bad if you have school aged children. You may want to look into private schools.

    The housing here is also bad. Unless you are so lucky to get into the brand new housing..those houses are pretty nice!

    There is virtually nothing to do here. There are lots of things to do in NM though however if your up for road trips. And Arizona is only 6 hours give or take away.

    There are plenty of shopping and eating out oppertunities.

    The PX on post drives me crazy (nex) but they have great prices on their furniture! I just got an awesome deal on my dining room set.

    Its really REALLY hot here. And it floods during August-September.
  3. luvmysailor2001
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    Thanks for the info. I PM'd you

    Anyone else have anything to add?
  4. bunkie
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    Yes I have a few things I thought of over night!

    (I pmed you back)

    We have lots of black widow spiders so be careful. We also get very high wind storms. The biggest one we have experienced were 67mph gusts!

    The drivers here are absolutely insane!! I nearly got into an accident today as a matter of fact and the people are pretty freaking rude. But they have an amazing Super Target that makes me weak in the knees! lol (and the employees there are soooo wonderful)

    There is a Zoo here, its not big..its perfect for small children because you can do the whole zoo in about an hour (or less depending on how fast you go through exibits) Its not spectaular but they have 2 beautiful aviaries and a really awesome fish exibit. The zoo has a lot of programs to give people the oppertunity to take the kids in and interact with the animals. They also do a sea lion show every day. Its not sea world quality, basically just them working with the trainers but its fun for kids!

    I have mixed opinions on the medical care around here. The TMC is AWFUL!! But the doctors at the big hospital are pretty decent. If your having more kids here in TX then your best off with a midwife if possible, the OBs at that hospital are real jerks. But the peds are good and I see an awesome urologist.

    THey have a theater on post too...and a huge bowling alley and a nice park on Bliss. Over on Biggs which is where your dh will be (thats where mine is also) there is another park and a little water park that opens in the summer for kids. Its really nice..small but fun! Plus there is a paintball arena and a skate park a long track through the park to walk, pavalions to have bbqs at plus they have jumping balloons you can rent. There are also baseball diamonds and soccer fields.

    In the civilan sector there is an Amusment park (we haven't been) and a water bark (again haven't been) if you buy your tickets on post through ITR they are cheaper. There is also White Sands Missle Range where you can go sledding down a huge hill of pure white sand..thats neat!

    Ok I think thats it for now...let me think some more lol
  5. luvmysailor2001
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    Wow! Thanks so much! Now, if we can just get those paper orders so we can arrange the move LOL

    We have teenagers and done having children. How big is the amusement park and water park? My oldest will be thrilled to hear there's a paintball arena!
  6. bunkie
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    The paintball arena is a good size.

    The water park on post is very small..its more for little kids.

    However the water park in town I have been told is fairly big. So is the amusment park. They moved the whole amusement park to a different part of town last year so they remodeled everything when they did that. I heard its really nice. During the summer they have all sorts of events at the two parks.

    There are also Bob-O's and Adventure Zone here. They have lazer tag, mini golf, arcades, etc etc. Plus 3 malls for shopping, the two bigger onces have arcades.
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    We are almost in your area lol - Holloman AFB, NM

    What's the name of the amusement park?

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