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Thread: Military housing in the San Diego area?

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    Military housing in the San Diego area?

    So DH and I are currently living in a 1 bedroom/1 bath apartment and we like it. been here since august and it's our first place together. It's very nice and new. There are only 3 problems with it:

    1. No laundry hookups in the apartment. I live upstairs on the second level and it's a hefty walk to the laundry site which costs 1.35 per load! And with all my husbands clothes he goes through (he changes about 4 times a day: Morning PT clothes, work clothes, after work gym clothes(sometimes same clothes as morning PT), then end of day comfy clothes...he LOVES to fill that laundry basket FAST!) In one week I have 2 HUGE baskets of laundry! And it's a really annoying walk to the Laundry site...WITH stairs! So I'm forced to do laundry every 2 days just to keep me from breaking my back! That's something a mom with 3-4 kids has to do! I love him to death, but if this is how he's going to continue with his clothes, we NEED a place where we have laundry units INSIDE our home.

    2. Yeah, being it's just the 2 of us and will only be the 2 of us for a few more years, all we need is a one bedroom apartment. But with all our stuff and animals (2 cats, 1 dog, 1 20 gallon fish of the cats is a secret! ) it's just so cramped! Our storage unit is FILLED. I'm scared to open it ...and we have people over A LOT so it's embarressing when people spill drinks because others are bumping into them...So the space factor is a big one.

    3. Our PETS. It's appsolutely clear that we need more room inside here for them to live. They often bicker with each other because they just don't have their own space. And even though my dog is only 8 pounds, he's VERY active and loves to run! So him not having a yard just kills me...emotional and physicaly because to make him as happy as possible I take him for 3-4 walks a day. Our pets are like our children so when their unhappy, we are VERY unhappy. We wouldn't even have 2 cats if it weren't for his aunt being so incredibly neglectful towards Link! She named him Bob and he was so skinny and sad whenever we visited so when we moved we HAD to take him with us. So we kinda demanded she let us have him and she put up no fight at all. So now we have all these animals and no yard plus barley any room.

    Ok, I wrote a lot more than I entended to...but these issues seem to be getting worse and worse by the week! So we decided that Military housing is what we need. Only problem is the only housing out here that will accept animals at E-3 is Murphy Canon Heights...and for that fact alone, I'm assuming the waiting list is LONG ...But I don't know how to find out this information or how to get on the list. I would LOVE if the list was only about 6 months long because thats when our lease is up . But something tells me it's much longer than that...I have no idea though!


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    It's not necessarily long, depends on how many rooms you need. You can always go talk to the housing office and at least get your name on the list. We got here on Jan 10 and got a 4bd in Murphy Canyon on the 12th.
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    Murphy Canyon Heights
    Two Pets (Dogs or Cats)

    2 Bedroom
    02-04 Months

    3 Bedroom
    01-03 Months

    4 Bedroom
    00-03 Months

    5 Bedroom
    12-14 Months
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    I have seen a lot of people get keys right away. Also here in Murphy Canyon, there is a good possibility that you could get a 3 bedroom. There are too many sitting open so they are offering them to people with no kids. I have 3 or 4 on my street that have no kids and are in a 3 bedroom. Just have your DH go down to housing and put your name on the list for Murphy Canyon. That is pretty much your only choice with having dogs.
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    This is an old list, but it will give you an idea of what is available.
    We had friends, just two people, that got a three bedroom in Murphy Canyon. I'm not sure how long they waited though.

    Communities Include: Utilities, Free Roadside Assistance, Free Internet, Free Intrusion Alarms, Free Courtesy Patrol, and Free Family Programs !!Attention Dual Military!!
    Move into Military Family Housing and pay only One Dependent BAH!


    Bonita Bluffs – 2BR E1-E6 1 available NOW! $700.00 per month
    8596 Bonita Bluffs Court/Spring Valley/921977 1 available early February


    Bayview Hills – 2BR E1-E6 2 available mid February
    1565 Ridgewood Drive/San Diego/92139

    Beech Street Knolls – 2BR E1-E6 1 available early March $950.00 per month
    3415 Beech St/San Diego/92105

    Chollas Heights – 2BR E1-E6 3 available early February
    3250 Transmitter Rd/San Diego/92155

    Howard Gilmore – 2BR E1-E6 8 available early February First months rent free!
    4300 Topaz Ct/La Mesa/91941

    La Mesa Park – 2BR E1-E6 1 available NOW!
    4275 Palm Ave/La Mesa/91941 1 available mid February

    Lofgren Terrace – 2BR E1-E6 2 available late January First months rent free!
    950 Grossmont Ct/Chula Vista/91913 2 available mid February
    2 available late February
    1 available early March

    Miramar – 2BR E1-E6 1 available NOW!
    45418 Howe Rd/San Diego/92126 2 available mid January
    8 available early February
    5 available mid February

    Park Summit – 2BR E1-E6 2 available early February
    3880 Florida St/San Diego/92104 1 available late February

    Ramona Vista – 2BR E1-E6 1 available NOW! $950 per month & Gift Card!!
    617 11th St/Ramona/92065 2 available mid January

    Silver Strand II – 2BR E1-E6 1 available late January
    1520 Inchon Court/Coronado/92118 1 available late February
    1 available early March

    Terrace View – 2BR E1-E6 1 available late January $950 per month
    4025 Home Avenue/San Diego/92105 3 available early February
    2 available late February


    Bonita Bluffs – 3BR E1-E6 4 available NOW!
    8596 Bonita Bluffs Ct/Spring Valley/91977 2 available early February

    Chollas Heights – 3BR E1-E6 2 available NOW!
    3250 Transmitter Road/San Diego/92115 2 available late January
    4 available early February
    1 available late February

    Eucalyptus Ridge – 3BR E1-E6 4 available late January $300 Off Rent
    11201 Gold Bar Ln/Lakeside/92040 6 available early February
    3 available mid February

    Howard Gilmore – 3BR E1-E6 1 available late January First months rent free!
    4300 Topaz Ct/La Mesa/91941 3 available mid February
    1 available early March

    La Mesa Park – 3BR E1-E6 3 available NOW!
    4275 Palm Ave/La Mesa/91941

    Miramar – 3BR E1-E6 2 available early February
    45418 Howe Rd/San Diego/92126

    Prospect View – 3BR E1-E6 2 available NOW!
    8745 Redwood Dr/Santee/92071 1 available late January
    1 available early February

    Ramona Vista – 3BR E1-E6 2 available NOW! $1050 per Month
    617 11th St/Ramona/92065 1 available mid January $500 Wal-Mart Gift Card!!

    River Place – 3BR E1-E6 1 available late January
    Junipero St/Santee/92071 1 available early February

    Woodlake – 3BR E1-E6 10 available NOW! $500 Wal-Mart Gift Card!!
    9830 Summersun Ln/Lakeside/92040 2 available late January
    1 available mid February

    - $500 Lease renewal BONUS, for current residence who sign an additional 12 month lease at Terrace View ONLY – call for details.

    - To apply for housing bring a copy of your Orders and Page 2/RED to 32nd Street Naval Base Housing Welcome Center and speak to a counselor. If you have any additional questions please call 619.556.7667 or 619.556.5560 or email

    *Availability subject to change based on pending offers. Wal-Mart cards and First Months Free Rent apply to new residents only. New residents only, except those with a family composition change or those who currently live in the civilian community, unless otherwise noted.

    Last Updated 01/12/2007
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    hey sunde, right now there is a short waiting list but it wont stay that way for long i am sure, chris and i only had to wait a month. what is really going to be hard about you guys getting into a place is you have the dog and cats. i think there is only one place in sd that you can have that many. our place only allows one cat. there are hookups and like i am just going to look into renting a washer and dryer from rent a center because i am moving back east. you could always look for a good deal so that you own one seeing that you will most likely stay in ca. there is another idea that i had but ill tell you next time you call. what we can do is when we go to my appointment on thursday we can run to the housing office and pick up a list and maybe even talk to someone depending on what you and sean have planned for the day ok? luv ya.
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    OMG if that list is true than I am SO happy!! All I want is a 2 bedroom but hell if their giving 3 bedrooms out to kidless families than we'll take it! No complaining! lol! Yeah Em we are so going to the housing office thursday!

    ahhh great now I'm too hyper and excited to go to sleep!

    Oh quick question, if we got our names on the list now, can we get off the list if we need to? Just wondering.

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