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Thread: PCSing has been an adventure...

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    PCSing has been an adventure...

    My husband and I just moved to San Diego from Mayport, Florida. We have been living in the Navy Lodge for about four days and obviously that isn't the best situation. We are ready to be somewhere permanently. Or as permanently you can be with the Navy.

    Anyways, our second day here my purse was stolen in the arcade at Horton Plaza and it had everything about me anyone would ever need to steal my identity. It had my birth certificate, marriage license, SSN, drivers license, and my military id, Does anyone have any suggestions as to how I could go about getting a new one since I literally lost every piece of identifying information about myself?

    Also, we have only looked at one apartment so far in the Tierra Santa area but it seems really nice, quiet, clean, and of course if it really not a bad drive to Point Loma where the hubby is stationed. The thing is, it seems too good to be true to have found a great apartment on our first try. Does anyone know anything about this area? Is it too good to be true?

    I really appreciate any kind of feed back on either of these two subjects. I am feeling a bit lost at the moment...
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    I lived in Tierrasanta for several years. I think it was a great neighborhood. My only complaint is that it is very quiet. It's definitely suburbia, which isn't really my things, but I do think it is a wonderful area for those who don't want more urban living. And it's a good location for commuting because it is located just after/before the traffic backs up. In the evenings, at Miramar traffic won't be moving, but a few exists south (Tierrasanta), it is perfectly fine, and vice versa in the mornings. So if your DH is heading south (like my DH and I both did for our commutes), it is a good location.
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    for your ID start with getting your BC - you can do this on line now, then your SSN after you get your BC, once you have those 2 you can go get a DL and another military ID.
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    If you haven't already contact the credit reporting agencies and have them flag your ssn so the thief can't open any lines of credit in your name. I'm going to assume you already cancelled all your cards, and if you had a check book in there you should notify the bank so they change your checking account number. Did you file a police report? if you didn't you should, that way if the thief gains access to your money you will be able to dispute the charges and withdrawals with your bank. I just recently had my cc info stolen and that was all the things we were told to do. Good luck

    Oh in regards to the military id , the last time i lost mine i was 15 and my mother got all sorts of heck over me loosing it. I'm not sure what the protocol is in reporting it's theft to the military.

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