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Thread: Moving to Point Loma...

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    Moving to Point Loma...

    Hey guys,

    My husband is currently stationed at Mayport in Jacksonville, Fl but Monday we make our way to Point Loma. Anyone have any advice as to off base housing? I won't have a job immediately and he is an E5. We are going to be staying at the Navy Lodge on 32nd Street (I think that is where it is at). Anyone know of any place that has a decent 2 bedroom for about 1700 a month? I really appreciate it!
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    My friends used to live in the military (off base) housing at Liberty Station in Point Loma. They have a beautiful 3 bedroom condo. I'm not sure how much they paid though.

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    DH works out of 32nd Street so I'm not far from Pt Loma.

    If you're on FB, ask around on this group. They're really helpful.

    If you're looking into military housing, this is a list of all in the area.
    How to Apply

    Living out on town is pretty expensive out here & even more when you add on utilities. It's doable if you want to go that route but it's pretty touch & go.

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    We lived here when we were in Point Loma. I never had problems but I also had great neighbors. lol

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    Military housing is off base in San Diego/Point Loma. There is a nice community, The Village at NTC, and it is very close to the PL base. I'm not too familiar with civilian housing in that area. You will love Point Loma though! It's beautiful.

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