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Thread: Schriever AFB

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    Schriever AFB

    Has anyone been to Schriever AFB before? It's on the list of bases that have a job that DH wants to cross train into so I'm trying to look into the bases that are available.

    Is the area around it fairly rural or suburban?

    I can't get a good idea of how far it is from Colorado Springs.
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    DH and I drove through and stopped at Peterson, we looked for Schriever. He decided it was because it was secret squirrel

    I think it's pretty close to Colorado Springs/Peterson though
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    I worked on Peterson for a while for a construction company that had done work on Schriever previous to my being hired. We drove out there once or twice and I can't say I was overly impressed. My feeling was that it out in the middle of freaking nowhere. My co-workers also told me it was ridiculously dusty when it got windy.

    Oh, and it's about 20 minutes from Peterson. Peterson is on the eastern edge of COS.
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    Schriever is in the middle of nowhere, a little bit of a commute, but DH liked working there, his job was pretty easy. The worst part was just getting inside to work: many layers of security! And back when we were there, wasn't much on base as far as services. No housing, no commis, no BX, no food court. Just a mini gas station. People were nice there.
    We really liked living in Colo. Springs. Miss it SO much!
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