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Thread: San Diego. Military housing bah

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    San Diego. Military housing bah

    Was wondering about how the bah works with the Lincoln military housing. Is it all taken away or do we pay a portion. Moving next year. And heard to stay in the Tierra Santa, eastlake, or coronado area for the schools. Have two kids. Any help? Need 3 bedrooms
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    Depends on which housing you are in. Some do take all BAH, others don't.
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    Go to the Lincolns website, there is a wealth of knowledge there. Also, I don't know how far in advance you can be put on a wait list but I also suggest you give them a call. DH and I waited over 3 months for our apartment. There is always something available somewhere it just might not be what you want. As long as you SO already has ordered they will be willi g to help you.

    I did everything long distance with the Lincoln and the staff was amazing. DH was deployed at the time and I did everything over the phone and via fax.

    As for bah, as mamastrong said, some places take the entire amount of bah you get and others don't. DH and I live in a one bedroom apartment, no kids. Rent is $900/ month, utilities included. Our housing allowance, I believe is just over $1900 so we get the rest and pay other bills with it.

    My friend lives in lofgren terrace and she has a two bedroom duplex. She. Loves it there and they pAy1600/month. I'm not sure if lofgren has three bedroom homes or not. Also check pet policies if you have cats or dogs. A lot of places are not pet friendly out here and the ones that are could have a longer wait-list.

    Good luck! If you have any other specific questions let me know, I'll try and help.

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